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John Posey (Founding Member)   (#10)   

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Marietta, GA
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Metro Atlanta Business Association
Christian Business Men's Connection
Area Leader
2527 Hampton Valley Dr

Marietta, GA  
Metro Area
Open to 20-County Metro Atlanta Businesses

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Sandra Posey
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John brings a diverse mix of Ministry, Business and Leadership Diversity. His experiences span over 41 years of the development of human capital in multiple disciplines in social, ethnic,  technical and educational environments.  John has a unique blend of skill sets enabling him to relate to multiple social groups. It is this diverse experience that provides the framework to build a multi-professional, Interdenominational, Multicultural, International Business and Ministry Network.

John Posey has a unique gift; this gift is the ability to impact “the one” who impacts the many.  Whether a pastor, a marketplace minister (CEO), community leader, a father or mother,  all of us have a God-given purpose to make a difference in this world.  Dr. Posey’s life’s mission is to help you make that difference. If it were boxing John is not Mohammed Ali, but Angelo Dundee, if you are into the movie like the Matrix, John is not Neo, but Morpheus.  John is not Wolverine of the X Men, but Professor X. John is not the guy who stands in the stage light, but John is the person who supports and strengthens and maximizes the potential of “the one” who is on the stage.

John is a certified trainer, coach, speaker and founding member of The John Maxwell Team. He is also a member in good standing with the Righteous Preachers Network, 7000 More Covenant Churches and Ministries, RHEMA Ministerial Association International and is also a leading minister in Church Builders International. John has an associate in Electrical Engineering, a Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate in Pastoral Theology. He has taken numerous courses, classes and workshops earning certificates and certifications ranging from business management and leadership to life coaching and streaming media consulting. John believes the key to fulfilling your dreams is to grow into them. Lastly, John holds a fifth-degree black belt (master level) in Moo Duk Kwan, Tang Soo Do Martial Arts with the National Black Belt Karate Association

Family Life

John and Sandra (wife of 37 years) are the proud parents of three daughters: Rhea, Tasha and Alexus, one son “in love”, Deonte Saunders (married to Alexus) and VERY proud grandparents of Zoe Alexandria Saunders.

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